this is Ryan.

I’m a self-taught designer, typographer & developer with a multidisciplinary background, now based in Shanghai.

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A wee bit about me


Yes I’m currently a clinical medical undergraduate in Fudan University and there’s still one year until my graduation (June 2020). I was here because of some family issues but they are the history. Since my second year in college I’ve decided to be a designer instead of a doctor for my passion deep inside.


I don’t prefer to add any prefix before the word “designer“ because I don’t want not to let a job title determine the type of design I do. I started my design journey from graphic design back in my high school times, but with time I started to explore more fields like typeface design, UI/UX design and even packaging design.


This word basically means someone really into typefaces and typography. My passion of design started from my obsession with typefaces since I was 14, since when I pay care a lot about the typography environment around me from screens to signages on the road. I also design typefaces recent years.

Catches bugs

It’s not about the bugs that developers are talking about. It’s the bug hiding in the small details in design. I always notice the things that many people tend to ignore or don’t really care about like margins, line-heights, icon sizes, these sort of things that many people tell me not worth spending time.

Kinda geeky

I’m really into new technologies and I also code. From the beginning I’ve been longing to turn my design into reality by coding. I taught my self front-end development and Swift and it feels great to be full-stack sometimes.

The other life

I also care about localization in various aspects, read news around the world, listen to podcasts, support Manchester United and play a lot of Nintendo Switch games (especially Splatoon 2).

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