Coriand Variable Font

2018 年 8 月

Coriand 是我在 2018 年的 TypeSchool 中文字体设计课中的作品。Coriand 在六天的课程内设计而成。作为一个中文可变字体(variable font)实验,Coriand 除了拥有传统的字重变化轴外,还增加了笔画对比度的变化轴。通过调整该轴,你可以在半衬线风格和等线风格间自由切换,以适用于不同场合的排印需求。

你可以访问本互动站点亲自体验 Coriand 可变字体。

Coriand typeface is designed by Ryan Lau at TypeSchool Hanzi Course 2018, hosted by 3type. Created within 6 days, this is a Chinese variable font experiment. Besides font weight, you can also adjust the stroke contrast of the typeface, which means you can easily switch between the semiserif style and the sans-serif style to accommodate the various needs of typographic design.

You can visit this interactive site to experience Coriand yourself.